Motorcycle accident on Belmopan Ring Road

A motorcycle rammed into the side of a white Ford pickup truck on the South Ring Road, Belmopan, as it attempted to overtake. The incident happened shortly after 1:00 pm on Monday.
Reports are that 35 year old Rene Pott, of Belmopan, was driving a white Ford pickup on the South Ring road from an East to West Direction and was in the process of turning into the drive way of the Climate Change Center, when a black red striker motorcycle, driven by 24 year old Pastor Mesh, of Salvapan Area Belmopan, heading in the same direction, slammed into the left hand side of the white pickup.
vlcsnap-2014-11-25-05h04m05s170vlcsnap-2014-11-25-05h05m04s43According to police, Pastor Mesh attempted to overtake the white pickup at the same time that it changed lanes. As a result, Mr Mesh sustained several abrasions to the head and body and complained of back pain but, according to police, he sustained no life threatening injuries.
The incident happened minutes after 1:00 pm but Mr Mesh did not arrive at the hospital until 30 minutes after and even when he did, he went there via a traffic vehicle and not an ambulance. This is because the Western Regional Hospital has only one operating ambulance and that one ambulance was in Belize City dong a transfer at the time of the accident.
vlcsnap-2014-11-25-05h05m37s118There are other ambulances in Belmopan, only that they are privately owned. Wellin Williams, the owner of one such private ambulance service called Belmopan Emergency Service (BES) has been filling in the gaps for over two years in Belmopan.
Whenever the Belmopan ambulance is unavailable, he would use his ambulance free of cost to assist; operating on a zero pay bases for emergency calls. Mr Williams has been lobbying the Ministry of Health to provide some sort of stipend to BES, to continue operating his ambulance service to the community, when the one and only ambulance is unavailable, however he has been unsuccessful so far.

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