Motorcycle thieves caught red handed

Two motorcycle thieves were caught red handed. On Wednesday, June 14, sometime around 2 o’clock that morning, Kevin Antonio Amaya was socializing at a house on Rutilio Grande Street, in Valley of Peace Village. He said that he parked his Black Meilun Motor-cycle on the street but later remembered that he had left the key in the ignition. He went looking for it and realized that the motor cycle was missing. He and some friends  then decided to follow the barking of dogs as they suspected that the persons with the motorcycle were nearby. They managed to find two male persons pushing the motor-cycle but when they tried to intercept them, one escaped by running into the bushes.  He was later caught and both culprits were arrested and charged. They are 20-year-old Moses Ical, a store clerk of Valley of Peace Village and 20-year-old Edwardo Sho, an unemployed Belizean of Bladden Village. They were both charged  for the crime of theft of motor vehicle.

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