Mr. Aubrey Lopez’s Murder Trial Gets Underway

vlcsnap-2014-01-30-17h54m46s5230 year old Mr. Aubrey Lopez, one of Belize’s elite basketball players, beloved teacher, and son of the Belmopan City Mayor, was gunned down in May of 2010 in the old capital.

Mr. Lopez was accosted by his attacker, or attackers, while driving a friend’s vehicle on Prince Street.  He was shot to the head and thrown out of the vehicle.  Whoever took off with the vehicle, then reportedly went on a shooting spree in the Yarborough area.

Police managed to intercept the driver and four passengers, near the Queen’s Square Market. However, three of them escaped on foot.  Almost four years later, the case against the man charged with Lopez’s shooting handmurder, 25 year old Paul Jex, got underway in the Supreme Court, earlier this week.

The trial continued today, where Lopez’s father, Mayor of Belmopan Simeon Lopez spoke with reporters outside the courtroom. Lopez says that while he and the family know that nothing can bring back their loved one, they hope that they can get answers as to what happened that fatal night and why.  

vlcsnap-2014-01-30-18h26m39s81Mayor Simeon Lopez- Father of Mr. Aubrey Lopez

“Well, it’s like rehashing the wounds all over again but again, it’s something that I need.  I have made up my mind that I have to get some closure or disclosure.  We are still not too sure of what had happened or how it had happened and we hope that with this trial, we would be able to get some light as to what actually happened on that night.  That’s reopening some wounds, but I guess that after almost four years…we’ve been waiting for it; we’ve been waiting for long. We hope that something will bring back.  We can’t bring back Aubrey, but the family is still looking towards getting some information so that we can be more satisfied and see what happened on that night”.

Mayor Lopez states that he has faith that the justice system will work and produce the truth, whatever the outcome may be.

Mayor Simeon Lopez:  “Well, I still have confidence in the judicial system.  I am not too concerned that he will receive justice.  As I said, there is no way that he can be brought back, but I would like justice for whoever committed the crime.  The person would have to be proven guilty first of all.  If they find him not guilty it is because it is the evidence that is present.  We have no hard feelings on that as long as it is fair”.

vlcsnap-2014-01-30-18h17m56s116Reporter:  “Do you wholeheartedly believe that Jex is the murderer of your son?”

Mayor Simeon Lopez:  “I don’t want to comment on that; I have my own opinion on that, but I don’t want to, in anyway influence the decisions”.

As we said, Aubrey was a well respected teacher and athlete. He was a husband and father to one, a brother, son and friend to many.  According to Mayor Lopez, he holds no ill feelings to the person, or persons, who took his son’s life.

Reporter:  “Does it feel any awkwardness or harsh feelings towards the man who is accused of murdering your son?”

Mayor Simeon Lopez:  “Of course not.  I have been sitting in the room, even in the preliminary inquiries at the magistrate’s for the lower courts and at the Supreme Court level and  almost four years later.  I have no remorse; I look at him and I wonder; I said, well, let the court proceedings continue and let’s see what will happen; I have no ill feelings.  After everything is over, I can speak with him and hopefully he will be able to speak with me as well”.

The trial continues on Monday.

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