Mr. Micah Williams Succumbs to Injuries

vlcsnap-2014-01-21-18h56m55s101police logoPolice have confirmed the death of 28 year old Micah Williams of Belize City. As we reported yesterday, the Racoon Street Extension resident was shot in the temple around 8:45 Tuesday morning on the same street by one of two persons who it is alleged approached him to ask about purchasing vehicle rims. Doctors worked throughout the day on Tuesday to try to save him but he succumbed around 8:20 p.m. Tuesday  night. Mother Leila Williams spoke to our colleagues at LOVE FM.

Ms. Leila Williams- Mother of the deceased

Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital ParkingAt the hospital, I saw my son in an unstable, very bad condition.  the doctor said that the machine is not working at the hospital, they wahn kearahn to the univershan, dehn kear him and they do his Kat-scan, coming back; they said the bullet gat eeanh the middle ah e brains and e very difficult fuh take it out aftah e swelling go dong ca’h he’s swelling and he’s bleeding inside, and when they send calling at 7 o’clock last night and they told me that they need to conduct wah emergency surgery.  I tell them okay and you need me to sign some papers?  They did the emergency surgery.  They told me how they are going to cut his skull to make his brains come out so that they could bleed out that blood that he had inside, but going to the teatah, he died about 9:00 o’clock.

Police are seeking one suspect, but Ms. Williams is at a loss as to why her son was targeted.

Ms. Leila Williams:  “Dehn gaan too far…way too far. I don’t know what makes about Belize.  So, I ask you, Prime Minister, mek we try do sohnting to this because we all are mothers, I am single mother, I raised my six kids and I bring them up in a the same way my grandmother bring me up.  He is not doing the gang-do ting, he is not a… I can’t even explain because he is not a bad little boy”.

Ms. Williams speaks of the efforts that her son, a father of one, made to try to change his life after repeated run-ins with authorities.

dead pictureMs. Leila Williams:  “No, once, I mean, he had a running with the law. they holdah with drugs, but he quit that like at least some time last year.  He said, Mom, I want change; I tayaad ah dem policeman dih harrass me adn I want to be the best i can be. I tellah okay, son.  He even start to go to church closeto here on Sunday.  So, I tell him alright, mek we see that and I could remember e he had the face on it before he get shot, he said mom I have something for you, and I said what?  E tohn rong and e see me and e laugh; I tellah, bway, you crazy!    That’s when they called me and they tell me he get shot but when the dactah kear me eeanh dih theatah fuh get the surgery, e passed away”.

 We thank our colleagues at LOVE FM for those recordings. Police continue to investigate what is now the 7th murder this month and fifth in a row in Belize City over the last fifteen days.

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