Mr. Omar Figueroa Wins Cayo North UDP Convention

vlcsnap-2014-02-25-01h52m19s136There was a UDP convention in Cayo North over the weekend.  The new hopeful for the UDP in that constituency is Mr. Omar Figueroa, who won this weekend.  He spoke to our Cayo Affiliate after he was declared the winner.

vlcsnap-2014-02-25-01h53m03s134Mr. Omar Figueroa- Winner of the UDP Convention for Cayo North Standard Bearer

“It has been a long road.  For the past five weeks, I started to walk house to house and I did not realize how Cayo north is until after we go house to house; until you begin to sit down at the houses and to listen to their concerns.  So, I wasn’t able to finish the entire constituency; I think I am finished with about 90%.  But I am glad that my message touched the people and they were able to come today to cast their vote”.

The incumbent for the Cayo North constituency is People’s United Party’s Hon.  Joseph Mahmud.

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