Mr. Penner Talks to the Media First Time After the Scandal Broke up

Today, reports surfaced that Cayo North East Area Representative, Elvin Penner attended a meeting this afternoon, with the Prime Minister at his Whitfield Tower Office in Belize City.

The ousted Minister of State has been seen out and about town regularly, but has declined media requests for interviews. Today, our colleagues at Krem News managed to snag a phone interview with Penner. They asked him about today’s meeting.

He said that the meeting was with an investor and not political and as to the particulars, he didn’t wish to go into details. As we said, since the scandal at the Ministry of Immigration broke in September of last year, Penner has been keeping mum, that is expect for a lengthy letter sent to 7 News, which many argue, instead of vlcsnap-2014-02-06-18h38m30s56exonerating him, may have implicated him even further.

He has attended two House Meetings since, one of which was yesterday. But even there, he remained reserved.

However such is not the case for Junior Minister, Edmund Castro, who too is the subject of recent scandals.  At yesterday’s sitting , “Clear the Land” Castro attempted to clear his name.

He made a public plea, explaining the purpose of the Belize Airport Authority Cheques issued in his name, while maintaining that his actions were not corrupt.  So did Castro’s valiant speech encourage his colleague Elvin Penner to get it over with and finally make a public statement? Not really.  Here’s what he told Krem News.

vlcsnap-2014-02-06-20h06m47s66Mr. Elvin Penner: Former Junior Minister of Immigration

“No, I am not going to make any statement nor any interview.  It is something that is overkill already as it is”.

 Reporter:  “Sir, but in terms of your participation in the constituency of Cayo northeast, are you still much involved with the politics of it with your constituents”.

 Mr. Elvin Penner:   “Well much people still come to me and I can offer them my assistance; I am satisfied”.

 Reporter:  “In relation with the Cabinet’s decision to hold each area representative accountable to what is paid for the office rent and secretary and so, do you find that that affects you?”

 Mr. Elvin Penner:   “No, that will not affect me; that will be okay”.



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