“Mr. Program” sent to jail for unpaid court fines

Popular artist Gilbert Alamilla, better known as “Mr. Program,” is spending the first five months of the New Year in Hattieville, at the Central Prison, after he was picked up by police for failing to pay fines which he owed the Magistrate’s Court. The local musician and well-known deejay was convicted back in November of this year of assaulting a police officer and using obscene words. Chief Magistrate Anne Marie images (9)Smith presided over the trial in the absence of Alamilla, who failed to appear. In default of the eight hundred ten dollars total in fines which was imposed by the Chief Magistrate, Alamilla would be ordered to serve 5 months’ imprisonment. A warrant was issued on Tuesday, November 10, 2015 by the Chief Magistrate for his arrest and immediate committal to prison, and police followed through today, taking Mr. Program on a straight flight to the Belize Central Prison at around 1 this afternoon. While Alamilla has claimed he has paid the money, the court’s records shows no such payment has been made. Alamilla’s charges and convictions stem from an incident with Police Corporal Aniber Castellanos on November 24, 2014 at #59 Kelly Street in Belize City. The officer testified that Alamilla kicked him in his chest and cursed him after demanding police leave his property, which they refused to do so since they were responding to a domestic dispute call at the yard.

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