Mr. Vanzie Lamb’s Rape Verdict Delayed Until Friday

The fate of 44 year old Mr. Vanzie Lamb of a Tambran Street address in Belize City is delayed until Friday, after Justice Troadio Gonzalez postponed the summing up of his trial for rape.

A male member of the nine-member jury was not present in court today and sent a medical form indicating he was being tested for possible dengue fever.

Gonzalez asked the accused if he wished to proceed with the eight jurors which is permissible under law but he refused. Lamb is accused of abducting and raping a 14 year old teenager originally from Punta Gorda but who was visiting Belize City for a party in May of 2009.

The girl was taken from the scene of a traffic accident on King Street on bicycle to Mr. Lamb’s house, where he beat and raped her, then tied her up.  The primary school student, as she was at the time, managed to cut away her binds early in the following morning while Mr. Lamb was sleeping and ran to the nearest house to ask for police to be called.

hammer of justiceA statement from pediatrician Dr. Egbert Grinage, who examined the child but could not testify because he was out of the country, was admitted into evidence after being read by his wife on the witness stand.

It confirms evidence of carnal knowledge and bruises to the back and leg.  Lamb testified and denied committing the offence, calling his mother and daughter as witnesses to say he was at home with them at the time, but neither was sure of the date or time.  The trial is expected to proceed once the juror’s condition is known.  Mr. Lamb is without legal representation.

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