Mrs. Laura Frampton Resigns from Post of Tourism Director

vlcsnap-2014-03-12-19h34m13s94btb logoThe Belize Tourism Board announced today the resignation of Mrs. Laura Frampton from the post of Director of Tourism. According to the announcement, Mrs. Frampton has served in that capacity for the past two (2) years and is resigning the position for personal reasons.

However, the daughter of ex Prime Minister Manuel Esquivel was actually pushed out of the job by a move orchestrated by her executive management team.

A letter signed by those executives was sent to the Minister last week in which they lodged a vote of no confidence in Frampton’s leadership style.

vlcsnap-2014-03-12-21h26m07s113The letter states that  Frampton has, quote “failed to discern leadership from manipulation” and has, “exhibited a secretive, egotistical, philosophy of policy implementation that is directly responsible for the lack of morale throughout the organization”. 

The letter went on to say that, “The best interest of the industry is not being considered as is evident in the current financial management concerns that exist…We feel that she has disregarded our concerns, especially as it pertains to the finances of the institution…She has failed to display requisite leadership, levels of honesty, transparency and integrity in the current budget process.” 

Those executive members also said that if decisive action was not taken, it would lead to an even worse position at a later time.  According to the BTB, until a new Director of Tourism is appointed, Mr. Javier Paredes, currently the Director of Revenue Collection and Registrar of Hotels, will serve as Interim Director.

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