Ms. Felicia Chen Faces Another Hot Court Trial

vlcsnap-2013-11-12-18h52m46s50Lawyer Mrs. Antoinette MooreAt any time beginning in next April’s session of the Central District of the Supreme Court, 22 year old Felicia Chen must answer to three counts of murder for the alleged drowning deaths of three of her children at Belizean Beach this past April 27. Chen appeared on Friday in the #1 Magistrate’s Court for a preliminary inquiry at the conclusion of which she was ordered to stand trial by Chief Magistrate Ann-Marie Smith. The prosecutor representing the office of the Director of Public Prosecutions Cheryl-Lyn Vidal, Alford Humes, handed over the package of formal statements and documentary exhibits to be used at trial, including a statement from the fourth and oldest child who saw the incident as it happened and could possibly have become a victim herself. Defense attorney Senior Counsel Antoinette Moore indicated that there were no alibi witnesses to be offered on Chen’s behalf. Chen was initially housed at a psychiatric ward in Belmopan for five months following the deaths of Thomas, Triana and Trinaya Teul, which she is accused of causing their death by drowning , which triggered severe depression. Following treatment she was declared fit to stand trial and was remanded to the Central Prison in September.   She will continue behind iron bars until another trial.

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