Ms. Rashida Kira Sedacy to be Charged with 116 Counts of Theft

Belize-Police-BadgeOne hundred and sixteen counts of theft; that’s how many charges will be read to former Travellers Ltd., Cashier, 24-year-old Rashida Kira Sedacy.

Relatives of Sedacy were at court this evening up until 4:15 when they were told that the arraignment cannot be done until tomorrow morning since the 116 counts could not be lodged before 5 pm due to the large amount. The charges stem from a number of thefts which began in January 2013, all from Travellers Ltd., where Sedacy once worked as a cashier.

Only the first four counts of thedft were entered in the system today which amounted to $2,257.03.  We will have more details on the other 112 counts and their amount and the overall total when Sedacy is read all charges tomorrow.

vlcsnap-2014-03-17-22h18m06s103This is the second time that Sedacy has been picked up on the allegations of theft from Travellers Ltd.  In December 2013, since she was terminated from her position as a cashier with the company, she was first detained in December and questioned by the police after a formal complaint was made by the management of Travellers Ltd.

But Sedacy was later released without any charges until March when she was picked up again and this time charged. We understand that the largest amount in theft at one time is something around $5,000. Sedacy was escorted to the Queen Street Police Station where she will remain until tomorrow when she will be taken back to court to be read the 116 counts of theft.

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