Munchie Cervantes Still Motivated

Ramon Munchie Cervantes Jr. the People’s United Party Candidate for Orange Walk North goes against the United Democratic Party Candidate Gaspar Vega whenever the General elections are called. He was on Plus TV’s Rise and shine Show earlier this week where he spoke about his motivation to continue in the political arena even after his father’s murder, which he believes was politically motivated.

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“It is a series of stages that I have gone through. It’s hard to answer yes or no because there is no denying my father’s murder was a political assassination. There is no doubt about that. Bearing that in mind, had I known it before, I probably would have stepped back from entering politics.  I did not intentionally  seek that area to run in. I had said that I would get out of politics. Then a lot of people started to come see me from the north division; people from Trial Farm, San Jose,  San Antonio, telling me to run. Actually, I took about a year and a half before I decided to even run in the convention.  Then this thing with my father came and we see now that they are trying to do everything now to ruin my reputation, to smear my name but you know what has kept me strong is the people and my family who have told me to go ahead and not to give up. They will do anything to discourage you but never give up, we are here with you.”



Ramon Cervantes Jr. is to face off against political power house Gaspar Vega in the upcoming general elections.

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