Municipal Convention In Corozal Town Selects PUP Candidates For 2015

It was convention weekend in the Town of Corozal. On Sunday, October 5, 2014, the PUP Corozal Municipal Convention was conducted at the Civic Center.

Two teams vied for the opportunity to represent the PUP in the upcoming Municipal elections in 2015.  One team was led by David Vega and the other by Ruben Cruz.

Estimates are that close to 2500 people showed up at the event, while Some 1, 946 Votes were cast with 1 Spoilt Ballot.

vlcsnap-2014-10-07-09h01m05s82The Results were as follows: in the Mayoral Division, David Vega picked up 1140 while Ruben Cruz picked up 662 votes. David Vega was declared the Mayoral Candidate. Mr Vega’s entire councilor candidate slate was also elected, with Zeni Perdomo topping the polls at 1190 votes.  The other winners are: Yvette Sanker-Riverol 1188 … Orlando Iglesias 1164…  Enrique Vargas 1154  …. Esteban Pasos 1140 and  Mia Rancharan with 1126 .

David Vega and several members of his team are Teachers.

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