Municipal elections held on Wednesday

The polls opened Wednesday at 7:00 am country wide, to allow people in all 9 municipalities, two cities and seven towns, to cast their votes, which will determine who will lead them at the municipal level for the next three years.

A total of 105, 634 persons are legible to vote country wide. By 3:00 pm this evening 43,623 of persons eligible to vote had cast their vote- a total of 41% of eligible voters country wide.

vlcsnap-2015-03-05-09h41m52s149In the capital City of Belmopan 9,057 persons are eligible to vote, and by 5:00 pm 4981 people had cast their vote, 55% of the total number of eligible voters.

In 2012, the voter turn out was 72.2% for Belmopan at the end.

This year in Belmopan, there were 9 polling stations, all located at the Belmopan Comprehensive High School.

We spoke to all five mayoral candidates as they eagerly waited for the polls to close and the counting to begin.


vlcsnap-2015-03-05-09h46m19s16Kalid Belisle – UDP Mayoral Candidate for Belmopan

“The shirts have been in our favor all day, but of course shirts don’t vote.  Those aren’t necessarily voters here in Belmopan.  I’ve really been looking at who’s been walking in and recognizing many of the faces that we met on the campaign trail, many of the people who pledged to support us in this election. 

I feel good.  If we’re going by who’s coming out, I feel good about what’s happening.”


vlcsnap-2015-03-05-08h51m59s199Jose Chacon – PUP Mayoral Candidate for Belmopan

“We’ve been here for over eight and a half hours, but the energies are great.  We still have another long drag to go, I believe another eight hours or ten hours before we know who is the winner at the end of the counting.

I think [the turnout] could be a little bit better, but I think people are coming out a lot on their own.  I’m very happy to see people from Central coming out as well, on their own.  I’m pretty pleased.

Usually we don’t have a high turnout.  [In]  2008 it was 52%, and 2012 we had  72%, and it was a double election.  We’re not anticipating more than, perhaps, 65% turnout of the voters.”


vlcsnap-2015-03-05-08h52m08s34Hubert Enriquez – VIP Mayoral Candidate for Belmopan

“I’ve been here from six o’clock this morning.

I feel very good. 

We don’t go by shirts.  We go by what people vote in the ballot.” 


vlcsnap-2015-03-05-08h52m18s136Wilfredo Guerrero – Independent Mayoral Candidate for Belmopan

“If I were to be intimidated, I’d be intimidated by that big parade they had last night, with all those vehicles, but I don’t think nothing of that.  I mean vehicles don’t vote.  Banners don’t vote.  I see my people come out there and they smile with me, and I know that they’re voting for me, but we have to see what the result will be. 

So, I’m not intimidated, but I would say that is really excessive, that these people go to all that expense.  Who is paying for all that?  You know, it’s a cost.”


vlcsnap-2015-03-05-08h52m29s226Richard Smith – Independent Mayoral Candidate for Belmopan

“Richard Smith is a winner.  I must say that, because win, lose, or draw,  I still love Belmopan, and I will work with any of the parties that is elected today. 

People say they want a change.  On the ground they said, ‘I’m going to vote for you.’

So today is the hour of decision for the Belmopan people, to determine whether you’re a liar or a truth-teller.  Several people promised me.  So I’m excited waiting for the result.  What is it going to be like?  But the truth of the matter is, we must put Belmopan first.”


Eligible voters of Belmopan must choose a Mayor and 7 Councilors.  Only three out of the 5 mayoral candidates have a full slate- the UDP, the PUP and the VIP.

The polls closed at 6:00 pm, and counting began at 8:00 pm.


The final count for Belmopan has come in as 5,721people who cast their votes in this 2015 Municipal Elections, which is 63.17%.

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