Municipal Elections in the Twin Towns

In the twin towns of San Ignacio and Santa Elena, UDP Earl Trapp is the new face as a mayoral candidate while Ramon Quiros was nominated for the PUP’s mayoral candidate.

PlusNews spoke first to Ramon Monchi Quiros as the PUP made their way first to the nomination center on Wednesday morning.  Mr Quiros says that as a Mayor, his interest is to see improvements not only locally but also nationally.


vlcsnap-2015-02-12-10h15m08s7vlcsnap-2015-02-12-10h16m25s31Ramon Quiroz – PUP Mayoral Candidate for San Ignacio / Santa Elena

“You have local issues.   You have issues our country on a whole.  Unemployment is the number one issue.  We have people who have been educated.  They’re asking for a job.  They have done their investment now, and they can’t get their returns. 

I thought they had seen the mistreatment of the Town Council in their area, the garbage being abandoned for many months, the drainage, the streets are in a horrible condition.  So those are the basic things that a Town Council needs to do.

Us, as a Town Council, we have more things in store.  This week I was at the Santa Elena Primary School, speaking to some children about children safety, which our group intend to install 24-hour cameras, surveillance cameras, at the schools, which is very important.  We have found methods of doing this.  This is why we can tell you [that] we have options, how to help the people of San Ignacio / Santa Elena.

Last election can speak for himself.  Yes, I did not win the election, but I can show you the popular vote was mine.  We won as the People’s United Party garnered the popular vote.  Santa Elena was where I needed to be more focused on.  This time my campaign started over there.  We have culminated in Santa Elena.  We have walked the entire jurisdiction of the town.  We are doing that presently in San Ignacio. 

Everybody knows I’m an up-the-hill boy. I have been living there, and walking the streets for many, many years. The people have seen me growing from being a child, selling on the streets till now, a future leader for their community. 

The person I’m running against, this is his first event as a mayoral candidate, but he has been there for twelve years.   There is no excuse for the things not being done.”


PlusNews also spoke to the UDP Mayoral candidate Earl Trapp, who said that on his campaign trail, the people seem to be mostly happy with the UDP and the work they do. He says any complaints they came across on the campaign trail were minimal, and so he is confident of another UDP town council.


vlcsnap-2015-02-12-10h50m23s187vlcsnap-2015-02-12-10h18m49s128Earl Trapp Jr. – UDP Mayoral Candidate for San Ignacio / Santa Elena

“Some of the complaints that we have been encountering are some things  that are very minimal, and some things that we will work out over the next three months.  It’s basic things like drainage in some low-lying areas.  Some of the garbage bins need to be replaced. They’re rotting already. 

They are complaining about the way they are being treated at the Town Council, whenever they go in to do business there.

I would like to say to the Twin Towns,  I would like to thank the people and residents for supporting me during the past twelve years. I want to assure them that after this  great victory on the 4th of March, they can expect a lot more.”


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