Murder Charges to be Filed Against Joseph West

vlcsnap-2014-06-02-19h55m37s129Joseph West is now facing a charge of murder, an upgrade from that attempted murder, grievous harm, dangerous harm, and aggravated assault charges he was already facing.

Those charges were as a result of a chopping incident on May 11th  at a bar in Corozal.

West and Giovanni Borland reportedly had an altercation in the bar but West left the bar enroute to another bar and was followed by Giovanni Borland, who allegedly had a machete and attacked West.

West’s brother,  23 year old Denmar West, tried to help his brother but Borland reportedly chopped him in the forehead.

During the struggle,  Joseph West reportedly gained control of the machete and chopped Borland to the head.

Borland was being treated for his injury but die, hence an upgrade in the charge to murder.

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