Murder in Caye Caulker

Tonight, there is tragic news coming out of Caye Caulker. A woman was murdered and her husband and six year old son are presently missing. Details are still sketchy at this time; however, one neighbor who spoke to the local media “San Pedro Sun,” says that around 12:30 am this morning, he heard Julia’s husband, Sergio Moran, banging on the door of their home, but Julia did not open the door. That’s when he kicked it open, went inside and locked it. About 45 minutes later, the witness said he and his wife heard commotion coming from the upstairs of the Moran’s residence. He claims that he heard a female’s voice cry “Sergio, please don’t do it,” after which the husband yelled at her to shut up and threatened to kill her. And the neighbor says that was the end of the commotion. Later that morning however, when no one in the neighborhood had seen or heard from Julia, he knew something was wrong. And after the Police arrived, their fears were confirmed. Officer Commanding the Caye Caulker sub-formation told the media that Moran was found in her bed and had multiple stab wounds to the leg, abdomen and head. Found inside the room was a black-handled knife, believed to be the murder weapon.  Meanwhile, neighbor says that Julia and her husband had a very rocky relationship. One even mentioned that a few days before her death, Sergio told him that he was getting tired of the relationship and that he was going to kill Julia. The body of Julia Moran awaits a post mortem examination at the KHMH, while a manhunt is on for her husband, who took their seven year old son with him. Police believe that he may be fleeing to Guatemala. Anyone knowing the whereabouts of Sergio Moran is asked to contact you nearest Police station.

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