Murder in Oasis area of Belmopan; police update

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At the time of our evening newscast on Wednesday, police and a doctor conducting post mortem were still at the murder scene where 45 year old Lionel Theodore Gillett,  businessman and resident of Belmopan, was found dead. The body was found by a family member who became vlcsnap-2016-06-03-12h16m53s095vlcsnap-2016-06-03-12h16m32s167concerned that they had been trying to reach him all morning but he was not picking up his phone.  Gillett’s body was found Wednesday June 1st, sometime after 1 p.m.  at his farm in the Oasis area of the city. He was shot three times and his partially nude body left to decompose on the steps of his mobile home. Superintendent Howell Gillett updated u on this latest murder this morning.

Supt . Howell Gillett, O.C. Belmopan Police: Sometime after 1pm we did receive a call that a male person was in an area west of Belmopan that is adjacent to the Rivera Area and we immediately proceeded to the area and we did confirm that it was Mister Lionel Theodore Gillett. He is a 45 year old Taxi Operator. On arrival of the scene we observed multiple gunshot wounds to the stomach area and also to the back of the head. An onsite postmortem was carried out at that location due to the fact that the body was decomposing. At the conclusion of the post mortem, the doctor certified that he died from multiple gunshot wounds to varying parts of his body. We’re sorry that it ever happened. As we speak right now we have our officers out on the field. What we know so far was that the house, when visited, it seemed that it was ransacked. That would lend us to think that it might have been a robbery, but that is not definitive at this moment, we still need more time to investigate before we could conclusively say so.vlcsnap-2016-06-03-11h44m09s833

While the family declined an on-camera interview, they revealed that it is not the first time that thieves have made off with property belonging to Gillett. In fact, 3 times before this, his property had been burglarized.

Supt . Howell Gillett, O.C. Belmopan Police: It’s a bit challenging for the investigators because as you rightly alluded to, the place is remotely located. I think the nearest house is more than 100 yards away but we are doing what we’re suppose to do and we’re going to each and every house to see that we bring closure to this case. We have a duty of care to the public and we must be able to solve the crimes. We want to stop them but when we cannot we must be able to solve them so I ask the public to please assist us. If you had seen or heard anything on that night in question please let us know. If you’re scared to report it through 911, then you could call me at 8021404, or my private cell number 6014743.

Gillett leaves three children behind; the youngest is a 5 month old baby. They had just spent the weekend with him on the farm, but the family remains thankful that they were not on the farm at the time of his demise. vlcsnap-2016-06-03-12h16m13s116vlcsnap-2016-06-03-12h16m42s973

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