Murder in San Ignacio; victim unidentified

A man was discovered unconscious at the Welcome Center in Cayo on Saturday. He has since died and police say they are looking for the murderers  and are trying to identify the victim who appears to be of Maya decent. According to police, on Saturday April 4, at about 1:27 a.m., a male person was found lying in the Welcome Center area in San Ignacio Town unconscious and bleeding from injuries to his head and body. We spoke to a person who says he came across the badly beaten and unconscious man.vlcsnap-2015-04-10-10h59m51s178


”   I mi d come from fair and  I meet the same balli weh deh mi kill, I mi meet ah out ya and thing but he mi drunk. He was sleeping right there on the veranda. We left him there and me and the other person weh mi deh with me mi deh round and we just took a circle around the Welcome Center, a 15 minutes’ walk, and when we came back,  the person neva mi d deh.  When we come back, we found the body right in this alley here. He was all beaten up n buss up in pan his face. We neva know who do it, we neva see nothing.  They told us he dah from down south, a teacher, but we noh get no report yet.” 

The man was taken to the San Ignacio Community Hospital then later taken to the KHMH where on Tuesday 8th April 2015 he died while admitted. According to police accounts, on Saturday 4th April 2015 about 12:30am the man was highly under the influence of alcohol in the back area of the welcome center resting when he was beaten by three male persons who then fled the scene. The security on patrol alerted the Police and the victim was then taken to the hospital. At this present moment,  San Ignacio Police have 2 persons in custody and are looking for the third suspect.

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