Murder in teakettle; police officer charged

There was another murder scene in the Cayo District this weekend, not too far from Camalote.  The lifeless body of Eduardo Manuel Sanchez Perez, a Nicaraguan National employed at Santander, was found avlcsnap-2015-08-31-20h22m19s083vlcsnap-2015-08-31-20h21m32s539few minutes before 6 am on Saturday August 29th.  According to the caretaker of a farm in Teakettle village, he was heading to work, when he saw a Hispanic man lying on the road side. A closer inspection alerted him that the man was dead.

Eyewitness; Teakettle Murder: I left from my house about 5:30 going to my work driving in Young Gial Road. As I tek in by Dream Valley areas I see a dead man. I saw a person on the road side and I still in my vehicle but I peep on himbut I not see him blowing. I came out of the vehicle and when I come out of the vehicle, I just saw they had a black cloth tied around his face. Then I come out and peep and then when I conscious I see he is a dead man.

  Reporter: Ok. You said you saw the black cloth over his face. You saw any wounds? Anything else on his body?

 Eyewitness; Teakettle Murder: I neva see nothing on his body. Nothing at all.vlcsnap-2015-08-31-20h21m57s886

 Reporter: Anything around his head? Maybe some blood around his head. Anything like that? 

 Eyewitness; Teakettle Murder:  Nothing at all. I just see his face tied up with a black cloth.

Preliminary police investigations have revealed that Perez received two apparent gunshot wounds to the head. Meanwhile, police have detained two of their own pending further investigations. Superintendent Sinquest Martinez, Staff Officer in the Office of the Head National Criminal Investigation Branch,  confirmed that this morning.

Sup. Sinquest Martinez: Staff Officer CIB: Yes, we have two police officers detained pending the investigation of that homicide.vlcsnap-2015-08-31-20h22m27s197

Reporter: In terms of the condition of the body, can you tell us how it was found? We understand there was a cloth wrapped around him?

 Sup. Sinquest Martinez: Staff Officer CIBWhen we got there, the entire body was visible. There wasn’t any cloth or any sign of hiding his face, his feature.

Reporter: Have you been able to determine his whereabouts in the hours preceding his death?

Sup. Sinquest Martinez: Staff Officer CIB: Yes, we have received all of that and we are following those leads likewise.vlcsnap-2015-08-31-20h26m23s294

 Reporter: Would  you be able to tell me anything about the officers that are detained? Do you expect them to be charged?

 Sup. Sinquest Martinez: Staff Officer CIB  Well, by the end of the day we will actually know what will become of them.

 Late this evening, police formally arrested and charged   33-year-old Belize Police Corporal Ryon Wagner of Camalote Village for the crime of “Murder” of Eduardo Sanchez. The Minister of National Security and by extension the Commissioner of Police had launched a criminal and internal investigation into this latest incident and have reiterated that they will not condone any wrongdoing by any member of the Belize Police Department.

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