Murder in the capital city

An armed robbery turned fatal for two customers who were socializing at La Choza Del Cabrito Bar over the weekend. Shortly after 12am on  Sunday morning, Belmopan Police visited La Choza Bar in West Belmopan where they observed two male persons suffering from gunshot wounds. 43yr old ISABEL ANTONIO BALLONA had gunshot wounds to the left side of his head while 50 year old MANUEL AGUINO  received a gunshot wound to the right leg. Plus news spoke with Sinquest Martinez, Assistant Supt of Police and Commanding Officer of the Belmopan Police Sub-formation about the incident.

Sinquest Martinez – Officer Commanding Belmopan Police:
vlcsnap-2013-06-03-20h39m42s41Shortly after midnight on Sunday, Police visited an establishment that is located in the Westback area of Belmopan, where they saw two male Hispanic persons on the ground. They were transported to Western Regional Hospital. 
Initial investigation, which was reported to the Police by the manager of the establishment, that he was about to close when they were approached by four male persons.  Based on how they talk, he recognized [them] to be Hispanic persons.  [They] ordered him to the ground.  He had a couple of patrons at the establishment, along with his workers, the waitresses, when they were robbed.

Both men who are of Salvadoran Nationality lived only a stone throw away from the establishment. Manuel Aguino ran a mechanic shop next door which is where Ballona also lived and worked. 43 year old Isabel was shot to the head and died on the spot.

Sinquest Martinez – Officer Commanding Belmopan Police:
vlcsnap-2013-06-03-20h39m11s226The manager was personally robbed, and the bar was robbed likewise.  During that time two of the patrons went to assist the manager of the establishment, and this was when they were fired upon. [They] fatal wounded one of them, and the other is still alive to tell what transpired.  During that ordeal, when the robbers were though, they still insisted on getting more items, apparently they were not satisfied. When they [got] through it all, the manager of the establishment’s vehicle, which was a white Geo Prism, was likewise stolen.

The proprietor reportedly handed over his wallet containing $600.00bcy. The men also took $3,000.00bcy in cash from the register and made good their escape in a white 2000 Chevy Prizm car belonging to Joshua Lopez the owner. Martinez says that quick police work has led to the recovery of that car and the detention of six individuals.

Sinquest Martinez – Officer Commanding Belmopan Police:
vlcsnap-2013-06-03-20h40m08s53During the course of the day, with quick Police work, intelligence and dedication, led us to recover the car within Belmopan City.  Two cell phones were stolen that have been recovered.  Some cash that we believe was from the robbery and a couple of alcohol drinks have been recovered.  We have six persons detained at this present moment.
I don’t want to get that much involved in the investigation that is ongoing, which is very interesting and it’s a bit sensitive, because this could lead us to other crimes that was happening with my area of responsibility. 

The White Chevy Prizm was seen on Ramirez Street, in the City  of Belmopan  by Police who noticed four male persons acting suspiciously. A search was conducted which led to the discovery of a Grey Samsung Digicell phone and $95.00 US in cash also belonging to Joshua Lopez. Of the six persons detained three are students (two being ages 19 and  18 ). A 15 year old minor has also been detained pending the outcome of the Robbery and Murder investigation.

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