Murder in Valley of Peace

Two murders happened over the weekend in the vicinity of Belmopan.

We start first with the shooting in the community of Valley of Peace, where a man was shot and killed on the night of Friday December 5th.

According to reports, 54 year old Donatilo Canales and his wife were inside their house awake, when at around 11:00 pm they heard their dog barking. Donatilo Canales then got up, grabbed his lamp, and went outside to check his yard.

We located Margarita Canales, wife of Donatilo, in Belmopan where she is staying with her family. Still rearing from the ordeal, she shared with us what happened.


vlcsnap-2014-12-09-08h25m21s248Margarita Canales – Wife of Deceased

[Tranlated] ” Then, like about seven minutes after he had come out, I heard about five shots.  I stayed inside, and thinking that something could have happened to him, I went outside to try to look for him.

I called for him, and he didn’t answer me.  I couldn’t find him, until I went to the neighbour’s house.  They helped me to look for him, and we found him dead.”




vlcsnap-2014-12-09-08h18m37s65DonatiloCanales had been shot to the chest, throat, face, head and hand and he was laying face up dead in a pool of blood.

At the scene, police found 4 expended 9mm shells and a hallow point slug as well as a 9mm Glock pistol.

vlcsnap-2014-12-09-08h18m55s237In 2012 Donatilo Canales was shot on both legs by Paulino Reyes Sergeant of Police, which had left him bedridden for almost 2 years. Mr Canales had filed a civil suit against Sergeant Reyes which was to be taken to trial shortly. In fact, Donatilo Canales was due in court this coming Wednesday December 10th, two days from now.

The body of 54 year old Donatilo Canales has since been transported to the Karl Huesnor Memorial Hospital, where a postmortem examination is in order. Police continue investigations.

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