Murder of PG resident in Belize City





Police say they believe Gary Mancel Pratt, 28, originally from Punta Gorda Town, was mistakenly killed on Friday night. According to Police he was in a yard on Antelope Street Extension when a slim built man approached him and shot at him several times, hitting him twice in the back. As part of continuing investigations police have detained a single man. Today we spoke off-camera with the person he was staying with in town while looking for a job. She says he was a hard worker.

Voice of Anonymous Female Interviewed

“[He came from] from P. G. mih dih write wah poem book and e mih dih try get it published, but e no really mek it …e end up dead, right? So e no get to that point deh, but e had all e stuf deh together, flash drive and everything.   E mih hav the ting, just me dih wait fuh edit, so e mih dih sell newpaper before e dead too, caz e mih wah work but e get none.   E enn up fih gahn da Krem and deng givah  newspaper and ting, then e get the job da Civic, and then when e don come off, e still go sell e newspaper, so e mih busy…yeeah…before he died”.

Our interviewee says the news surprised her.

Interviewee:  “Yeah, e stayed with me for the past three weeks since e deh da Belize dih look for work.

Reporter:   “So, when you heard the news, I mean, how did you…take it?

Interviewee:   “Well, I’m in shock caz I know e no mingle da Belize, e no have no enemies, you andastann?   But I know how Belize go, I mean, you could go da shop and enn up shot you know…the way the city deh right now…and at the end of the day da mih a busy somebody dih look fuh something fih ;  E no idle e mind, right?   E always dih look fuh do sohnting positive”.

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