Murder Rate Drops down to Half in Belize City

belize-intentional-homicide-rate-chart 2013After a nasty start to 2013, the criminal element appears to have settled down.  Prime Minister Dean Barrow reported that compared to the record-breaking pace of 2012, murders are still below the century mark as of this week.

vlcsnap-2013-11-28-15h34m32s162Prime Minister Dean Barrow:  “In terms of crime (very quickly), the news continue to be good.  We are now starting with Belize City which was most out of hand, where are 37 murders to date, when in last year at this time it was 74.  That’s a fantastic reduction and the security forces must be commended.  Countrywide, we are at 89, when last year at this time we were at 130.  So, a huge countdown but not a significant as the Belize City situation”.  If the current pace keeps up it would represent a low mark in murders for a City that was a hot spot for much of the last decade.  The Prime Minister attributes the crime reduction to his Administration’s efforts to keep would-be miscreants occupied and employed.

GSU swift operationBelize city gangsters under Barrow administrationPrime Minister Dean Barrow:  “In addition to commending the security forces, I make the point that government infrastructure program, especially with respect to the Civic Center and Chetumal Street, Lake Independence Boulevard, ha succeeded in creating huge employment and that’s as well responsible for the tremendous progress that we are making on the anti-crime front”.

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