Murder reported in Belize City

There was a mid-afternoon murder in Belize City.

The shooters, who visited a yard on Dean Street and Euphrates Avenue on Wednesday afternoon around 2:00 p.m., did not get their man, but they did end the life of another and sent a third to the hospital. According to Raphael Martinez, Cyril Robinson was shot in the head and died en route to the KHMH.

rafaelsept1714Rafael Martinez – Police Public Relations

“Just a few minutes to 2 o’clock this afternoon we received some information about a shooting incident that occurred at the corner of Dean Street and Euphrates Avenue. Sadly, we had a fatality in which 56 year old Cyril McFoy Robinson was fatally injured. Also injured in this shooting incident today, we have a 45 year old Sean Cherrington who was injured to the leg.

So far we have no motive for this latest incident and we’re investigating this latest shooting that occurred in Belize City.

I cannot tell you the exact amount of shots that were fired, but I can tell you that several shots were fired.  As a matter of fact, police are still on the scene trying to pick up the pieces and ascertain what happened and what caliber of weapon was used.”

Police were still on the scene as of around the time of the briefing collecting information and expended shells.

Cyril Robinson lived in the immediate area.

Our information, not confirmed by police, is that the gunmen were seeking a noted criminal figure from a rival gang, but that person fled the area shortly before they came, and Cyril Robinson and Sean Cherrington were shot instead.

Police investigations continue.

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