Murder Suicide in  Belize City

A murder suicide occurred in Belize City on Saturday evening. While police have not confirmed who was pulled the trigger, it is believed that 43 year old Jason Emmanuel shot and killed his wife,  46 year old Hermelinda Pinks and then turned the gun on himself and ended his own life. It is another story of jealousy, control, and domestic violence turned to murder. The couple lived at number 5 Rose Lane where their lifeless bodies were discovered in a room there.  Police told us more.

ASP Alejandro Cowo: Police responded to a body that was located on rose lane and as a result, police made checks at a two story apartment building which is located at number 5 Rose lane. At the lower flat  police had to first open it and as we got entrance into one of the rooms, they observed the motionless body of a female person lying face up on a bed and also the motionless body of a male person lying on the floor face up . The female was identified as Ermilinda Pinks Emanuel and the male person as Jason Emanuel. Both of them had apparent gunshot wounds. Ms. Pinks to the left side of the temple and Mr.Emanuel to the right side of the temple. Police processed the scene where they recovered a fire arm besides Mr. Emanuel’s body and likewise they found 2 expended shells and several ammunitions on the bed and inside of the magazine.

Today, the media spoke to Hermelinda’s younger brother, Patrick Meighan, who told us how he found out about the death of his sister.

Patrick Meighan, Brother of deceased: Well when I first heard about it, I didn’t believe it, I said it was impossible. I tried picturing it in my head and nothing was making sense because from earlier in the day when we were trying to get in contact with her we weren’t getting through. No text was being answered, no calls were being answered until later on when they said that you need to come and see what happened at the house and that’s when the discovery was made.

According to Patrick, while they never saw any evidence of physical abuse, there were verbal abuse, extreme jealousy, and threats.

Patrick Meighan, Brother of deceased: We never saw any marks or anything, bruises nothing like that, but it was more like verbal abuse. Several times she mentioned that they got into arguments but I don’t know during those arguments if threats were being made or anything like that cause there was this incident; once I used to live with them, we were still in the vehicle together and we were going home cause he came to pick us up cause she was ready to go home because late the night he was mad about something because he wanted to hang with friends which he always put first before her . He wanted to hang with his friend which was his company on weekends and that is the time for me and my friends so he was upset about that. He made several remarks and he made a remark that one day saying that I can just kill you kill PJ, which is me, and kill myself. THat was a couple years ago and when I heard what happened well I sat and said he lived up to his promise that he said the threat that he made. When it comes to him he’s a very jealous person. The way I see it he’s insecure so whatever the situation might be he’s the problem. He didn’t have any trust in her. They took counselling together last year and just a couple days ago she was right there at the house he was driving around to make sure the vehicle was there .

According to the brother, the couple had been separated for a while but had reconciled early last year. He says that Jason was extremely jealous but the murder of his sister still comes as a shock to the family. 

Patrick Meighan, Brother of deceased:
I never thought that it would’ve escalated to this point. I said maybe it would have reached the point that he would’ve put hands on her and hurt her to some point but I didn’t know that what he said that night would’ve actually happened. I don’t know what could have escalated for him to do something like that, if something was bothering him or he wasn’t happy about something, the door is always here. He has his set of keys, you can always open the door and walk out how many times you walked out doing whatever you do out there choosing friends over her you could have did that and stayed away. Yes because he’s jealous sometimes he even calls to make sure that she’s there someone doesn’t have their finger on the button waiting for any call to come in you have to have a time to pick your phone up answer it all of those stuff sometimes he might dodge go through another lane just to look and see if yes you’re at your dad’s house.

While it is being assumed that Jason was teh one who pulled the trigger since the gun was found beside his body, police say they are not ready to make an official determination as yet. 

ASP Alejandro Cowo:
So far police is still in investigation. We understand that the house was locked from inside. Both persons had their keys so we suspect that something might happened between the couple that was inside of the room. At this moment I cannot tell you which one of them conducted or injured anybody. At this moment, we are still looking at that angle and base on what the postmortem will indicate to us probably afterwards we can comment on it.

Jason and Hermelinda were married in 2010 but had been together for some years before. Hermelinda had no children but Jason has left behind a teenage son

Patrick Meighan, Brother of deceased:
Well she was very loving very kind me growing up she goes to town she used to say “oh P gonna like this mek I ker dis fi yah ”even with my son she knows certain things that my son loves u know kialin is outside .She was very nice very loving everyone loved her loved her company smiles a lot always have that big beautiful smile on her face.

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