Murder suspect gunned down near Boulevard

vlcsnap-2014-08-12-09h44m19s5The other weekend murder in Belize City took place seven hours earlier and several blocks away, at the corner of Gibnut Street and Central American Boulevard. According to police , 20 year old Raheem Crawford and 25 year old Kevin Faber were on a motorcycle on Gibnut Street heading home, when a dark-skinned man with a grey cap over his face emerged from behind a parked vehicle and fired at least 12 shots at them. Raheem Crawford was hit in the lower back and Kevin Faber in the left leg and back of the neck. With more on her relatives’ attack here is Yolanda Wade.

vlcsnap-2014-08-12-09h15m27s158Yolanda Wade – Aunt of Deceased

[Paraphrased] “After I heard the gunshot, me and my gentleman, we jump up and open the door.  I ran down the step and I saw my son get up off the ground.  He came to me and said [to take him to the hospital because he got shot.] Then afterwards I pick him up, and send him to pick up the other young man, who is my nephew. Then afterwards his brother call for the neighbor, Mr Philip Cadd. He drove up his vehicle, and we got in the vehicle, and carried him to the hospital.  When we arrived at the hospital, they took him straight into the theater, because he was bleeding and unconscious. 

My son got a cat-scan, because he got shot in the back of his neck.  When he got the first shot in the back of his neck, he told me he jumped off of the cycle.  Afterwards, they shot him in the leg, and then went and hit my nephew, in his back.”    

Raheem-Crawford-300x300Raheem Crawford, the driver, succumbed to his injuries while in treatment. Kevin Faber has been treated and released from the hospital. According to police, gang rivalry was behind this murder and Raheem Crawford was suspected by police in four recent murders – which ones, they did not say – but no charges were levied because witnesses did not cooperate with authorities. According to Ms. Wade they are aware of who is responsible.

Yolanda Wade

[Paraphrased] “I’m not scared.  From my point of view, if you call yourself a friend, because you’re not supposed to do that thing. If I used to hang with you, and I stop hanging with you, I don’t see why you should have grievances.  He tried to stay home in the yard every time he was here.  Since his cousin came, he said, ‘Let us go and take a spin.’ 

When my son saw the car, he said, ‘It’s time for us to go.’   


Police are seeking one person pending continued investigations.

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