Marvin Neal charged with murder of Steven Valencia

A man who handed himself in vlcsnap-2013-04-22-20h27m27s212to police on Friday is facing a number of charges. Today, the twenty five year Marvin Neal was charged for killing PUP activist Steven Valencia, which happened on the night of January 24th in the Trapiche area. Valencia was murdered during a home invasion at his Santa Elena home. He was robbed of a small amount of cash and shot to the upper back, right foot and thigh. Valencia’s daughters, four and five years old, were also at the house at the time. Neal was charged with one count of murder when he appeared in the San Ignacio Magistrate court this morning. No plea was taken because the matter is indictable and Neal was remanded to the Belize Central Prison at Hattieville vlcsnap-2013-04-22-20h33m21s199until his next court appearance on August 8th.  But that was not the only charge brought against Neal by San Ignacio police today. He was also arraigned on one count of attempted murder, one count of robbery and one count of burglary. These three charges are in connection with the incident at a house near to the Rumors Resort on the George Price Highway on the morning of Tuesday, April 16, 2013. For the attempted murder charge, Neal was also remanded to prison until August 8th. Police say Neal and Jarrod Lamb attacked a woman at her home and robbed her of her belongings. Those items were later recovered after Police reportedly caught the pair sharing the goods underneath a tree. They managed to run away and on Wednesday, a wanted bulletin was issued for them both. Neal decided to turn himself in two days later, while Lamb remains on the run.

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