Murder victim was refused medical treatment, say Police

26 year old Troy Cole is Belize City’s latest victim of murder. He was shot this morning at the corner of Curassow and Gibnut Streets, not far from the scene of an unrelated incident reported this weekend which resulted in two men being injured. Police are seeking one person of interest. Cole, unfortunately, died of his injuries about two hours after the shooting. But Assistant Commissioner of Police Chester Williams, vlcsnap-2016-05-05-18h42m32s964Officer Commanding Eastern Division (South), this afternoon pointed the finger at a neighborhood clinic which he said could possibly have stabilized and saved Cole’s life, but refused to do so. Here is how he explained it:


ACP Chester Williams, Officer Commanding Eastern Division(South): After the shooting took place, Mister Cole ran to Universal Hospital which was nearby. When he went to the hospital, he was refused medical treatment at the hospital. He was put out and the door was locked on him. He was left outside to bleed until the police vehicle arrived and took him to the hospital. That is unprofessional of a medical institution. The doctors at medical institution have a legal obligation to treat injured persons who they come into contact with. And I have said to the administrator of the hospital that I’m going to write them about what took place today because it is a shame. It ought not to have happened. The least they could have done, was to stabilize the patient, and then transport him to the KHMH. But to refuse him medical attention and put him outside and lock the door was unprofessional and it cannot be tolerated especially in a place like Belize where at the end of the day, the government would have put the bill, they would have been paid for it. So what they did was uncalled for and it must be punished, and it does not matter vlcsnap-2016-05-05-18h47m33s758who the person is, it could be the worst criminal, they still would have an obligation to treat every person that they come into contact with.

Police investigations have gathered so far that Cole was on bicycle, riding toward Curassow Street from Central American Boulevard when he was ambushed by his attacker and shot twice following a struggle. Williams refused to comment on any criminal association except to say that it was part of the Police’s investigation and that he would respect the victim’s memory by not tarnishing his name further. As for the clinic, we understand that they were in fear of more shooting if they had admitted Cole. Williams said he would leave that to the Belize Medical and Dental Association to address.

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