Murder victims see charges dismissed

26 year old Rene “Fat Cat” Chavarria of Ladyville and 21 year old Kieran Morrison of Belize City were murdered earrene chavarrialier this year in separate incidents. But at the time of their deaths, both men were accused of trying to take other lives, and today those cases came to the Supreme Court. Prosecutor Crown Counsel Sheneiza Smith had the macabre task of confirming the deaths of both men through witnesses in court. In the case of Chavarria, Police Sergeant Manuel Espat, testified that on March 14, 2012, he arrested and charged Chavarria for the shooting of Edwin Moody. Espat said Chavarria was charged with attempted murder, dangerous harm and use of deadly means of harm. But four years and a week to the day later, Scenes of Crime technician John Henry today testified that on March 21, 2016 he witnessed an autopsy on the body of Chavarria at Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital and he took two photographs of the body which were tendered into evidence. Morrison was accused on March 22, 2013 of 4 counts of attempted murder, 4 counts of aggravated assault and conspiracy to commit murder. These charges are in respect to an incident in which shots were fired at 4 men – Tarique Gillett, Clayburn Pascascio, Randolph Johnson and Adrian Avaloy. While awaiting trial, he was shot dead along with Kent Brooks Junior on Lacroix Boulevard and Scenes of Crime technician Lucas Moh testified that on July 1, 2016, he witnesses a post-mortem on the body of Morrison at Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital and he took two photographs of the body. Those photographs were tendered into evidence.

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