Murders reported in Hattieville, Belize City

The small community of Hattieville was rocked by murder over the weekend.  The victim has been identified as 23 year old Mark Shepherd and he was shot while socializing at the Green Iguana Lounge with his common law wife. ACP Edward Broaster has the details.


ACP Edward Broaster,Officer Commanding Eastern Division(Rural)

At Saturday night at about 11:55pm Hatteville police visited the KHMH, where they saw the lifeless body of Mark Shepherd and whatvlcsnap-2016-06-21-15h23m14s703 appeared to be two gunshot wounds to his right back. Later investigation revealed that Mark Shepherd along with his common law was sitting in front of the Iguana Lounge in Hatteville when two male persons, one dressed in a hood with what appeared to be a fire arm fired the shots that fatally claimed the life of Mark Shepherd. That investigation is ongoing at this time we do not have any motive for that shooting in Hatteville.

Meanwhile in Belize City on Friday night, 33 year old Edison Williams was attacked at his home on Kraal Road by a single armed man who appeared to be seeking him out. We hear more from ACP Chester Williams of Eastern Division (South).


ACP Chester Williams, Officer Commanding Eastern Division (South)

From what we have gathered during our investigation, which is still in its infancy stage is that he was socializing through some alley in the Crawl Road area when a lone gunman came and fired shots at him. Apparently he was the intended target because from what we understand the gun man spoke to him and said certain things to him before shooting him. As to the motive, we have no motive at this time. From our investigation standpoint we have no evidence to connect the shooting of Mr. Edison to the other shootings that have taken place earlier during the week.

Williams died around 5:00 a.m. on Saturday morning. In the wake of this homicide and the earlier incident on Friday in front of the Queen Street Police Station, Williams had spoken on social media of ramping up operations. Police stepped up patrols in gang-affected areas and are targeting heavily-tinted vehicles in stop-and-searches, discouraging persons from hanging out on street corners and targeting known gang members moving around on bicycles and motorcycles. He has asked for patience as police work to maintain law, order and safety. So what happened in the Kraal Road area? Williams notes that that particular area had been dormant for some time and police’s guard seemed to be let down:

ACP Chester Williams, Officer Commanding Eastern Division (South)

You should know that Southside is not Northside where there is only a little packet of gangs or only a little area that is gang affiliated.vlcsnap-2016-06-21-15h37m49s005 The entire Southside is gang ridden and there is always the potential for gang flaring up anywhere in Southside Belize City and we do not have the man power to be able to stretch our human resources to cover all the different areas where gangs are. Crawl Road has been very dormant for a long time. You will be able to attest to that. While we do have patrol on Supal street that frequents Crawl Road it is not an area that we were heavily concentrating on because of the fact that it had been dormant for some time. We were more focused in the areas where we know the gang rivalries were more prevalent and I think that the officers did an exceedingly good job in ensuring that those areas where the crimes were coming out from were pretty much dormant over the weekend and we will continue to maintain our presence in those areas where we can maintain our presence. Like I said , we wish that we had even more officers to cover even more ground but that is not so. We know a recruit squad went into training recently and we are optimistic that when they come out we will be able to boost our human resources to be able to cover more grounds on south side Belize.

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