Music and Streets Works in the Twin Towns

vlcsnap-2014-02-13-16h38m11s65At end of last week, residents in San Ignacio were entertained by a group of Jazz players from Canada. The trip was orchestrated by the Mayor of the twin towns and San Ignacio and Santa Elena, John August, in conjunction with the Missoula Rotary Club in Devon Alberta. Our Cayo affiliate, Kent Pandy dropped by the event and spoke with member of the Rotary Club and Mayor of Devon, Alberta, Steven Lindoff.

Mr. Steven Lindoff- Rotary Club, Missoula Duke

vlcsnap-2014-02-13-16h36m50s195“I am here with the group of 30, 22 of whom are world recognized jazz musicians; they are award winning: they have played in Europe, Canada and the United States, and we were in Corozal helping the band there to learn jazz.  Because I love San Ignacio so much, we came to give this free concert in the new Welcome Center and it was a fantastic event. The youngest player in this band is 14 years old; the oldest player is one of the dads who is in his 50s.  He decided to come down and help because when we were working in Corozal, we were teaching.  So, we want to bring more experienced musicians to teach who are great players and they play marching band and this is so different, but they learn it very fast”.

The event was hosted at the Welcome Center. Mayor John August, also gave an update on major streets works slated to take place in the twin towns.

Mr. John August- Mayor of San Ignacio Town

vlcsnap-2014-02-14-07h37m06s181“The town council is always looking for new projects.  Presently, we are working on improving some of the street conditions and we know it that the rains have been causing some damage.  Very shortly, we are going to be working on the other section of Burns Avenue and its sidewalks and then we have other streets in Santa Elena and San Ignacio and other projects including other parks that we are working on presently, the Victor Galvez Stadium, the Santa Elena Stadium and the falcon Field, which will be the upgrading of those facilities which will start very soon.  So, I think that between now and early next year the people will see these facilities being improved”.  

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