Muslim community feeling better after meeting with police?

Before going into the meeting with the police, the Muslim community was still on edge but how were they feeling after the meeting? Nuri Muhammed spoke for the local Muslim community.

Nuri Muhammed

After listening to the minister, he has assured us, and he has repeated it, that there is no intention on the path going from cabinet, all the way through, to target the Muslim community in any way. We have no reason to doubt what Minister Elrington said to us today. What concerns us is that it appears that, to use that biblical term, there are wheels with the wheel. In other words, within the police department answerable not necessarily to the high command, may be individual officers whether they were trained elsewhere and have colleagues from other places, I don’t know what the situation is, but there’s still a general feeling by many Muslim that police officers are looking at them as some kind of, you know, we have reasons to suspect, and I can give some incidences of individuals besides the Ahmad family that have come in contact with police and the kind of situation . What they went through with those police is of no legal consequence it’s as if they were just being harassed. Now this could be just opinion and feeling but the Minister said it also, no citizen of Belize should feel in any way that the security forces have me under some kind of surveillance, why? I am not committing a crime. I am a legal citizen doing what a law abiding citizen does. So I should never have that feeling. And I am telling you that feeling still does exist among some Muslims. 

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