Mysterious plane lands in Blue Creek

The National Security of Belize got a new helicopter, as was promised, but it is from a most unexpected donor. Well, actually, no one exactly knows where it came from and what it was doing abandoned in a feeder road in Blue Creek, Orange Walk. According to authorities, sometime around midday on Wednesday 5th earlier this week, while conducting anti drug operations in Orange Walk town, the Anti Narcotics Unit received information of an aircraft circling San Felipe/Blue Creek Area.  Authorities proceeded to the area and at around 3 pm, they found a grey helicopter with dark tinted windows. The aircraft, which had registration numbers N607AZ inscribed on its side, was landed on a feeder road in Blue Creek Orange Walk. Inside the aircraft, authorities discovered several blue plastic containers with fuel, believed to have been adopted to increase the distance of travel for the helicopter. No evidence of Narcotics was found aboard. It is believed that due to the close proximity of the Mexican borders, the pilot and or the passengers, may have fled into Mexico. After refueling the aircraft, BDF personnel flew the helicopter from the secluded area to the BDF camp in ladyville. Police continue to investigate.

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