Mytheon Solutions Trade License; Just Issued?

vlcsnap-2014-04-16-18h44m02s222Many questions still surround the evasive Mytheon Solutions, a credit company that allegedly distributes phone credit to all departments under the Ministry of National Security; this includes, police offices, BDF solidiers and the Belize Coast Guard.

Two weeks ago, Plus News managed to get a copy of the registration form of Mytheon solutions, which, according to the form, is owned by Minister Saldivar’s wife and is operated from the City of Belmopan, in a street address that does not exist on the official Belmopan City map.

vlcsnap-2014-04-16-18h43m49s94So is this a real legal company? We were convinced that records of the trade license agreement would put our questions to rest, and so visited the Belmopan City Council,  as they are responsible for granting trade licenses and also collecting trade license taxes.

However, we could not speak to anyone in authority and were told to send in an email to the City Administrator, who also happens to be Hon. Saldivar’s sister, Angela Wade. We got no response of course.

However, we were very reliably informed that today Mytheon Solutions, a company registered since 2010 and operating in Belmopan, only received its trade license yesterday.

We called the Belmopan City Council again hoping to get confirmation that Mytheon Solutions is in their trade license records.  When we called today, the clerk told us that the person in charge of trade license was not in office at the time, nevertheless she was willing to help us and so she told us to hold while she pulled up the records on Mytheon Solutions trade license history.

vlcsnap-2014-04-16-18h43m56s162However, when she returned to the phone, she told us we could not have the information. When we asked why, she simply stated, “We just can’t.”

Shortly after, the line was cut off from the other end. For whatever reason, the Belmopan City Council will not confirm if Mytheon Solutions, once owned by Hon. John Saldivar and now owned by his wife, is in their trade license records.

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