National Beach Football Team Returns Proud; despite loss

12 football players along with their technical staff travelled to El Salvador to represent Belize at the 2015 CONCACAF Beach Soccer Champions. The team played their hearts out and, while they might not have qualified for the second round of the tournament, they came back home today on April 1st feeling victorious. The team played their first game against El Salvador, one of the top players in the International Beach Football Arena. They lost 2 to 17. In their second, Belize pulled off an amazing victory with a 6-1 win. During their game with Jamaica they lost 8-5 but they still kept their spirits high. Renan Cowo was the head coach for the Belize National Beach Football Team.
Ranan Cowo – Coach FFBvlcsnap-2015-04-02-10h30m35s135


“We won one game; lost two games but won one game. We didn’t qualify for the next round but the experience was very good for us because it let them know we have potential in the players. It’s very important to let them know that the team only worked out for three days. It’s impossible for us to qualify for the World Cup with only three days of work out.”

Jerommie James has been playing football for several years but never beach football. He was a part of the Belize Jaguars during the last gold cup qualifiers but this year he was offered an opportunity to play beach football as the captain of the team. He tells us his experience playing beach football at the international level.


Jerommie James – BeachFootball Playervlcsnap-2015-04-02-10h31m25s92

Its very hard. You have to control – dribble in the sand which is difficult. It is totally different from dribbling in the grass. It’s much easier to dribble in the grass than in the sand.


Emannuel Pech – Plus T.V. Journalist

Despite that, you guys came out victorious in the first game. Tell me how does that make you feel and what does that mean for Belize.”


Jerommie James

Well it makes us proud because we only trained two weeks and we played against Salvador who ranks  4th in the world.  It was an expierence playing them and we liked playing them. We lift up our heads and fought the last two games. We were beating Jamaica,  like 4-2, and it was a good game. We lost that due to experience (in the ) last two minutes.  We fought against Puerto Rico and we beat them.”

Emannuel Pech

“In beach football, tell me some of the technicalities and the rules. What’s different?”

Jerommie James

“Well it’s a lot different.  You cannot touch a player if he is controlling the ball or else it’s a foul. It’s totally different. “vlcsnap-2015-04-02-10h31m55s91

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