National Evangelical Association meets with Church Senator

In early December of 2015, the newly formed National Evangelical Association of Belize (NEAB) poke to the press concerning the schism with the Belize Association of vlcsnap-2016-01-22-15h44m28s456Evangelical Churches (BAEC) which began in September 2015. The new Association, which represents thousands of congregants in over 240 churches nationwide, said at that press conference that they still want  to reconcile with the BAEC, which has been reduced to a group of 13 pastors and evangelists led by Howell Longsworth after the NEAB members were suspended for requesting a vlcsnap-2016-01-22-13h07m05s462meeting with the BAEC concerning the new Constitution, which had been in development for the last four years and was nearly complete. Today, we spoke to the President of the NAEC , Pastor Lance Lewis , who updated us on what the association has been doing since then.    Beside meeting with the prime minister, they met yesterday with Church senator Ashley Rocke. The NEAB had said that only a handful of Belize City pastors who make up the now trimmed down Belize Evangelical Association, voted for the Church Senator representing the churches. Pastor Scott Stirm, who is Vice president of the association, told us how the  meeting with Senator Rocke went yesterday.  According to Pastor Lance, issues such as the recent gender policy are still a part of the new  senator’s mandate.  Pastor Stirm updated us on what Christians across the nation can expect from the newly formed National Evangelical Association of Belize for the year 2016.

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