National Evangelical Association of Belize Prays Together At Border with Peten & Melchor Evangelical Associations

The National Evangelical Association of Belize met with Evangelical Pastors & Associations from the Flores, Peten and Melchor areas of vlcsnap-2016-05-31-11h32m22s100Guatemala on Saturday May 28th  at the Western Border in “No Man’s Land” near the OAS Adjacency Zone Office.  In all, about 70 pastors and leaders from Belize and Peten participated in the prayer and worship service  titled, “Operation United in Christ”, to ask God’s blessings on both vlcsnap-2016-05-31-11h32m49s579countries and to ask for God’s intervention in establishing peace and cooperation between the two nations.   The flags of Guatemala and Belize were both flown, with the Christian Flag flying above them both.  Worship songs were sung in both English and Spanish , interrupted only by prayers offered by both Guatemalan and Belizean pastors on various topics including violence and crime in both nations. At the end,  Guatemalan and Belizean pastors laid hands on each other to pray for and bless each other and their countries.  In all, about 130 persons from both Guatemala and Belize were inattendance at the historic service. NEAB president, Pastor Lance Lewis, and Pastor Enrique Novelo, Assistant Secretary of NEAB, after the close of the service, spoke to the media.

Enrique Novelo, Assistant Scretary, NEAB: One of the main contributions that the church can provide is that we know that we are vlcsnap-2016-05-31-11h40m47s173under the most powerful, the sovereign lord and he is in control, and we do believe in him. We trust in him, we pray to him and we do know that he will make a way so that both nations like how we were seeing it today. It was a historic event. I think that it would be the first event where two nations that have a difference like Guatemala and Belize has where we can see the people of God coming together and praying, and as I was praying we need to love our enemies, it’s not that they are our enemies but if someone considers us as their enemy we need to show them love. And I do believe that love conquers all.

Lance Lewis, President-NEAB: We will ask the government to continue their diplomatic vlcsnap-2016-05-31-11h48m25s516means of solving the problem but ask the church to help in prayer for this solution to be found It’s already there for Guatemala to recognize our borders and to allow things to be as it was before this rising up of tension that started in the South along the border because of the shooting incident of the minor. So we believe that the church can help by prayer and by intervention.

His Guatemalan counterpart, Pastor Nelson Larios from the Evangelical Ministries of Peten, was asked by the media what the Guatemalan people are saying about the territorial differendum.

Pastor Nelson Larios, AMEP Guatemala: I think that what has happened here is that they have lost the fear of God and perhaps the human being does actions which does not keep the proper balance, respect and honor that every human being created in the image and likeness of God should do. For example, people who do not have Christ in their hearts in Guatemala, say that in Belize they are misbehaving with us and we will defend ourselves. But it is not so, wevlcsnap-2016-05-31-11h52m46s841 must look at the point of unification of harmony. We must find ways and means to consolidate as friendly people, as fraternal people, we are close to each other and we need each other. We must help each other. Therefore it is a message of peace we have done today in this activity in which both Belizean and Guatemalans have come to an agreement on the same path that the best path is to have fear of God, glorify the name of God because he came to give peace that no one can give except him.

The OAS Adjaceny Zone office allowed the use of its facilities for the event. vlcsnap-2016-05-31-11h30m08s571

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