National Patriotic and Carnival Song Competition set for this weekend

The National Patriotic and Carnival Song Competition returns to the stage this weekend at Memorial Park. 18 junior and senior participants will strut their stuff for big prizes and a place in national history. Organizer and Creative Arts Development Officer for the Institute of Creative Arts, Joseph Stamp Romero, gives us a preview.

Joseph Stamp Romero – Institute of Creative Arts:

vlcsnap-2013-08-09-14h41m06s25We have 18 entries for National Song this year.  For the Belize Song Category we have 9.  We have the  junior competitors in the Belize Song Category, there are three.  We have five entries for the Carnival Category.  This year the Belize Song stays similar in terms of how we expect it for the Patriotic Category, which is that the song has to really speak about Belize in terms of patriotism.  It has to be really something that people can relate to on a nationalistic perspective.  Even though the Patriotic Song has been been swapped to the Belize Song, in terms of the title, we’re pretty much looking for the same thing.  The only additive there is that trhis year the competitors are asked to actually include genres of jazz, R&B, alternative, soca, dance hall,.  So we really increased our participants looking at it from that angle. 

Joseph Romero told us that Belizeans can look forward to an exciting showcase of talent, and the winners will be richly rewarded.

Joseph Stamp Romero – Institute of Creative Arts:

Six thousand dollars goes to the Belize Song category, along with a ticket to any festival that NICH chooses.   We will identify a festival so that they can get some international exposure,  [They will also get] a video production of the winning  song. That’s for the Belize and the Carnival seniors.  In the juniors category, it’s a thousand five hundred dollars for the first place, along with a certificate to record their song.. Second place is a thousand dollars.  For the [Senior] Belize and Carnival second place is two thousand dollars across the board. It’s one of those event that really sets the pace for the Septenmer Celebrations.

They’ll be performing live at the Memorial park on Saturday, 7pm.  We’re going to make sure that we have an event that people can come out to and really enjoy.

Entrance is free and show time is 7PM.

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