National Security Council convenes over latest Guatemalan aggression

On Monday afternoon, March 14, a special meeting of the National Security Council convened in Belmopan to further deal with the latest aggression by the Guatemalan Armed Force.  Right Honorable  PM  Barrow in an interview this afternoon following the meeting with the Security council, stated that the incident occurred just as the press release stated. It was Brigadier General Jones who gave us a more detailed explanation of what happened over the weekend at the Sarstoon Base still under construction. He added that, Guatemala, in their response to the protest letter sent by the Belize government, has denied the Belize Version and has described their own. PM Barrow says that the de-escalation of the incident in the sarstoon occurred because of a newly formed relationship with the Guatemalan top brass; here is how he put it. Barrow says that he is convinced that there needs to be protocol to govern the Sarstoon the same way there are protocols to deal with other flashpoint areas with Guatemala. He is convinced that the Guatemalan Position is as a result of belizeans going into the area.  Role of today’s National Security meeting at PM Barrow’s office in Belmopan is to create a strategy moving forward regarding any eventuality regarding Guatemalamn agression against belize. Guatemalans say they will not talk about the sarstoon in Tomorrows Bilaterl meeting under the auspices of the OAS in Washington… how belize will swing the discussion is yet to be seen. vlcsnap-2016-03-15-10h05m19s292 vlcsnap-2016-03-15-10h06m44s709

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