National Service Day Observed

It is not a public and bank holiday, but in the honor and spirit of the late Right Honorable George Price,  September 19 is marked each year as National Service Day. It is a day for community service and, according to PUP leader Francis Fonseca, PUPs around the country are participating in activities.


Francis Fonseca – PUP Leader

vlcsnap-2014-09-20-05h59m02s125“Every year, we carry our service activities in our respective constituencies across the country.  It’s a mandate from the Executive of the Party that we carry out community service projects in all our constituencies across the country.

So each year, in my own constituency of Freetown, we do so.  The last two years we have built a fence.  Last year we built a fence for one of our residents in Freetown, and the year before we built a veranda for an elderly woman.

This year we’re visiting families and making a contribution to the YWCA.”


But National Service Day is not limited to the PUP, as we found out when we encountered students from Wesley College outside of class, down the street at Sunshine Pre-School. Their homeroom teacher, Joel Wade, told us about what they did on Friday.


vlcsnap-2014-09-20-08h49m36s108Joel Wade – Teacher at Wesley College

“We’re presently at Sunshine Pre-School.  This is my homeroom [class].  Each homeroom has picked a spot to go and do some kind of service for the community.

We had devotions in the park for the Pre-Schoolers this morning, and then we came over here.”


Other schools also came out for community service activities or held patriotic-themed events.

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