National Tertiary Level Empowerment Symposium to address Belize sovereignty

On Friday, representatives of Belize’s entire tertiary level education system – eight junior colleges, the University of Belize and Galen University as host – will gather in San Ignacio for a first-ever National Tertiary Level Empowerment Symposium on the topic “Defending Belize’s Sovereignty.”  Three panel discussions will provide information for students to come up with a plan of action for Belize’s academic community to address the Guatemala situation. Organizers also propose to educate, empower and inspire tertiary level students in Belize with a thorough history of all conventions, treaties, documents and events that formulate the root of Belize’s case against Guatemala’s claim and why Belize is a sovereign nation. Speakers at the assembly include Ambassador James Murphy; Rafael Manzanero of Friends for Conservation and Development (FCD); Dr. Ludwig Palacio and attorneys Senator Eamon Courtenay and Richard “Dickie” Bradley

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