National Trade Union Congress calls for SI 42 to be rescinded

The National Trade Union Congress of Belize,  on Friday of last week, issued a press statement saying that the passage of the SI restricting Belizeans from accessing the Sarstoon  is “dangerous precedence”. In fact, the statement says that

We believe the principle of democracy is being grossly violated with the passage of this kind of law.”

It also says that the NTUCB will not countenance this kind of practice which it says violates the fundamental, constitutional rights of Belizean citizens. The release says,

We cry shame on GOB as the stance it now takes is tantamount to our leaders singing from the same song sheet as their Guatemalan counterpart…..We call on the Government of Belize to rescind this law….”, NTUCB also says, “

Let the record show, that NTUCB absolutely deplores the fact that rather than having our leaders call on our armed forces to protect Belizeans within our borders, they are called out to violate our citizens’ rights.”  The release ends by saying,

Our leaders need to show the same kind of fortitude and intent of defense for its people; declared by the leaders from the other side, who stake claim to our beloved land … Belize will, and in verbatim quotation “defend its sovereignty, territorial integrity and welfare of its citizens at all costs and sparing no efforts”!  Now, that is what we need to and want to hear!”

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