National Youth Council Holds Rallies across  the Country

The National Youth Council is a youth governance body that speaks on behalf of the youths of Belize.  On Friday  19th of February  2016, the National Youth Council held rallies all over the country in preparation for their election of District Youth Presidents, Vice Presidents, Treasurers, general secretaries and the Public Relations officers..The Belmopan rally was held at the Mae Gordon Park and featured 29 candidates who are vying for the positions. Before the rally began, a parade was held with the Youth Groups of the District. They marched from The Dakers store in Belmopan  all the way to the Mae Gordon Field where each candidate addressed the gathering of young people, stating why the body should vote for them. The voting body consists of members of each youth group that had been established for at least three months now. Tarun Butcher, CARICOM Youth Ambassador and member of the steering committee for the National Youth Council of Belize, told us more about today’s event.  Jimmy Leslie, Youth Empowerment Coordinator, told us at how this National Youth Council came about. In the Belmopan District, 8 people are running for President, 9 running for Vice President, 4 for treasurer, 4 for general secretary, and 4 for Public Relations Officer. One person running for President, Gem Turner, spoke about the issues she believes that the youth are facing. One youth voter, Paul Flowers, told us what he expects from the National Youth Council this year. The district election day is on the 29th of February, and the National Election day is March the 19thvlcsnap-2016-02-22-11h16m29s836vlcsnap-2016-02-22-11h16m18s084vlcsnap-2016-02-22-11h16m42s055

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