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There was a second press release issued by the National Evangelical Association of Belize today; this one titled “Correction to Guardian”. It is a response to an article printed by Guardian Newspaper  on Thursday Nov. 12th  . The Guardian newspaper and their colleagues at Wave Radio have kept up a consistent slanderous and malicious campaign against the host of Rise and Shine morning show, Louis Wade Jr.  There have been a number of targeted articles on Louis Wade before in the UDP propaganda newspaper.  The newly formed association, National Evangelical Association of Belize, has taken issue with one of Guardian’s latest articles titled,  “Evangelical Association chases Louis Wade & Stirm.”  A press release issued by the NEAB says ,

Nothing could be further from their version of the story.”   The release  says,

“In correction to the misinformed Guardian article, Louis Wade Jr. had absolutely nothing to do with any of the BAEC internal challenges which have been ongoing over the last several months. In fact, Louis Wade is not  a National Executive, nor even a Chapter Executive and as such, cannot be “kicked out.”  He exercised his right as a news reporter to stand outside the Belize City BAEC meeting awaiting interviews.  The Guardian’s version of Louis Wade or Pastor Scott Stirm aspiring for Senatorial position is completely false, baseless, and mischievous vlcsnap-2015-11-27-13h11m00s174political propaganda.  In addition, the Guardian reported that National Chapter Chairmen of BAEC were never members, which is blatantly untrue. The National Chapter Chairmen were fully recognized & functioning BAEC Top Executive Team, decision-making members – we have certified records and minutes to document their validity.  As such, the Guardian statements are erroneous and should be retracted.”  Again, Pastor Santie Valencia also had some passionate words about the lies printed in the Guardian newspaper.


Santie Valencia, Rise & Shine Guest: And now we have this thing on the Guardian talking about Wade mi want be a senator, and all a these kinds of nonsense. Man I have never heard a day yet Belize, and me and this man very close. Nuh wah day yet he ever seh he want be, or even hint the idea of being a Senator for any reason whatsoever, never heard him yet. So all this stuff that I read on the Guardian is so bogus and it’s false. It’s false. It’s a lie  and it’s outright disgusting.

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