NEAB stands with National Youth council on controversial decision

NEAB also commented on the decision taken by the National Youth Council to remove gender references fromits constitution and the backlash it has been receiving from LGBT advocates. NEAB says this targeting is bulying in action. The statement says, “The National Youth Council voted on June 11th to amend its Constitution, and a democratic majority approved of removing the controversial words “gender” and “gender equality” from their Constitution, which we applaud.  The term “gender” is very fluid in its modern definition and LGBT advocates seek to inject new and controversial meaning into the term.  Those majority members of the NYC who took that stand are now being targeted by the LGBT organization “Youth Advocacy Movement,” an extension of BFLA as a UNIBAM partner.  We hereby stand in solidarity with the National Youth Council and their democratic decision, and call upon the Youth Advocacy Movement and other LGBT lobbying groups to refrain from bullying tactics to have their way, and respect the wishes of the elected body of NYC.”

The press release from NEAB ends by saying,   “ We urge the US Ambassador that human rights are for all humans, which the LGBT already possess as humans.  We fully support protecting human rights that we all share, but we oppose the granting of “special rights” as part of a foreign supported campaign to undermine Belize sovereignty and laws as part of a harmful anti-family agenda


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