Near-fatal collision on Philip Goldson Highway






A Belizean man is tonight in Chetumal Mexico undergoing treatment following a road accident over the weekend. The near fatal collision took place a little after 3 on Saturday afternoon on the Philip Goldson Highway. Heading toward the northern border, were driver Tessa Owdker, Judge of the supreme court – Hon. Courtney Abel and a 13 year old – the trio was travelling in a 4 runner, property of the Government of Belize. But upon reaching mile 88&89, collided into an ongoing Honda car. The impact was so rigid that it caused the car to burst in flames. And it was the driver of that vehicle, George Reyes, who was seriously injured. Mr Reyes, who suffered broken ribs and cut wounds to the left knee was rushed to the Corozal Community Hospital and then to the Caranza hospital in Chetumal Mexico. And while the 4 runner was extensively damaged, particularly on the driver’s side, the driver, along with the minor received only minor injuries, while Justice Abel walked away unhurt.

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