Nelson Young Case Moves Closer to Completion

vlcsnap-2014-04-15-19h10m42s99Earlier this year we told you that Nelson Young, former employee of Belize Telemedia Limited (BTL), has been waiting for at least a year for the decision of an Essential Services Tribunal convened by the Ministry of Labour in 2012 to look into his case.

Nine years ago he was fired at the height of civil unrest in 2005 by the Ashcroft regime in charge at the time, along with two others and later union representative Christine Perriott.

When we last checked with authorities we were told that the report is on the desk of Minister of Labour, Senator Godwin Hulse.

Today he told us that it’s still there, but for a certain reason.

vlcsnap-2014-04-15-21h32m09s115Hon. Godwin Hulse- Minister of Immigration and Labour

“We did get the report. It is actually about seven weeks, but we had to ask the attorney, the Solicitor General’s Department fro some legal advice concerning certain aspects and that has taken a little time.  So, as you know, the Department is pretty much understaffed and we have a lot of things.  I can give you my assurance that by next week we have gotten out there and release it to both parties”.

The Minister says that since Young is currently without the services of his attorney, temporary Supreme Court Justice Antoinette Moore, the Department has undertaken to inform him of the status of his case.

We also asked the Minister about information we received that there was a disagreement over compensation to public officers selected to be members of this and other labour tribunals. He says it’s been resolved.

Hon. Godwin Hulse:  “I don’t know that her has been difficulty in putting together a tribunal. What has happened is that here is an issue between whether persons who are from the public sector and permanently paid, should be extra remunerated for their service.  The feeling is, on the part of the Ministry that in fact that activity that they are to undertake is not extra activity with relation to the work they are doing.  Many CEOs and many HODs sits on all sorts of organizations.  As a chance, they go to these meetings as a matter of course.  It was the feeling of the Ministry that perhaps, the persons who are not in the pubic sector, however that matter have been resolved and we should not have any issue going forward”.

The result of the tribunal remains unknown, at least until both sides get the report sometime next week.

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