NEMO Establishes Partnership in Rural Communities

We usually hear about the NEMO in times of natural disasters, but the emergency management organization works throughout the year on programs geared at educating and equipping the public to better cope with everyday circumstances. One such program is presently being developed in rural communities in Belmopan, in conjunction with the Police Department. Last week, a meeting was held with residents to get the initiative off the ground. District Coordinator for NEMO is Clare Moody.

vlcsnap-2014-02-03-17h00m04s152Mrs. Clare Moody- District Coordinator for National Emergency Management Organization

“I am happy to see that almost all of the people that I have invited from the different areas, because I have chosen the areas due to the fact that we need to know what is going on with all the people in all the areas where disaster is concerned.  From Salvapan, Maya Mopan, from wherever they are, we have delegates everywhere. In return, we are going to select delegates from this group to represent their areas in order to keep us informed and we can easily keep them informed in any disaster or whatever it is”.

Moody highlighted key facets within the program.

vlcsnap-2014-02-03-16h59m44s144Mrs. Clare Moody:  “Our main topic is health because most of the times you find you that when these disasters come about, the waters and the creeks are overflowing into the streets and sometimes into the homes, and they are in somewhat area like here are undeveloped. We have many people that trims around the area.  So, that is one of my most concern, that these people resist using the water for bathing it and even for trampling into it all day because it can be a dangerous health hazard.  I really look on that as a priority to get them educated on that. However, we are looking at other areas where they will collaborate in re-help us, so that we can help them.  So, it is a two way street.  They can provide themselves with the necessary, but sometimes all that you need is a little drain that will let the water out to the big drain, and we are asking people to just stand up and begin to do their part so that together, we can get things done”.  

During the workshop, questions, concerns and recommendations were presented to NEMO, as well as the Police Department.

vlcsnap-2014-02-03-17h24m08s239Mr.  John Cocul- President of the MCB

 “I am applauding the idea because it is a good for our people here .  A lot of times, whenever disaster comes, we have a lot of people flooding and there ids nobody to report to.  Yes, NEMO would come afterwards.  So, what we are trying to do right now, I believe, is to educate our people trying to select leaders from the different communities like Salvapan, Maya Mopan and San Martin where we will have contact people there.  So, in the event of a hurricane or disaster, we have the contact people”. 

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