NEMO Minister Tours Humana Projects and Infrastructure Works in Toledo

Minister of National Emergency Management Organization, Honorable Edmond Castro, was on a two day tour in the Toledo District alongside Humana People to People which is executing a number of projects throughout the district.  The Minister’s tour started off with a quick briefing in Punta Gorda, followed by a visit to Humana’s Clothing Store and then a visit to 11 different communities in the District. Included in the 11 villages were Santa Teresa where they inspected a tower and solar-powered facilities to provide communication for five villages. They also went to Jordan Village where the team looked at a Climate Change Resilient Farming Project for better Nutrition. In Blue Creek Village they inspected the Hurricane Shelter that is to be rehabilitated by Humana Belize in conjunction with NEMO, and a final visit  was made to a government project underway to upgrade the Bypass Road from Santa Cruz on the Belize/Pan American Highway to San Jose. Minister Edmond Castro told the media more about his tour. 


Minister Edmond Castro

 I was very impressed with the Humana group ,we went on tour to 11 different villages and yesterday mainly at Santa Teresa which have a tower when they are dealing with the river monitors and the communication system for that 5 villages in that area which will enhance the NEMO ability in terms of communication and also the early warning system so it’s a collaboration between Humana and NEMO and I think that we like this type of arrangement and we welcome the Humana people who are in conjunction working and getting funded through the Caribbean Funding Bank so I think we are right on track and I’d like to be invited and be a part of this tour from yesterday. The facility in Blue Creek they are renovating the Blue Creek Community Center for us which will also be a part of the NEMO Hurricane shelter system in the Blue Creek Area whereby there adding on bathrooms and putting the proper doors and windows on the Community Center for the people of Blue Creek. The water system because of the time of the year they’re having problem with water so the ministry of Rural development and Local Government provided and well rig that is currently that community so they can provide better water bout 60 to 100 gallons a minute and water pressure to assist the villagers In Blue Creek . In the Jordan they are some agricultural plots in terms of food security and so on for the people out there for the climate resistance and climate change so it’s a holistic approach in terms of the plots of land and how mainly the grown their plots of land.

Castro was accompanied on his tour by Toledo Senator, Macario Coy and NEMO Southern Regional Coordinator Keith Emmanuel among others.

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